Pet Memorials


At Stone Sign Company, we offer a discreet pet memorial service in remembrance of your loved companions.

From supply to installation, our skilled and dedicated craftsman can achieve the perfect memorial to honour your pet. Created using the finest stone, we offer a bespoke and unique memorial in a variety of stone, shapes, sizes and designs, tailored to meet your exact requirements. Using the highest quality, premium and durable stone, our hand crafted pet memorials are a long lasting tribute, that will be a gentle and loving reminder of your family friend for years to come. Dogs, cats, horses..we've created beautiful memorial plaques that will last a lifetime. Take a look at some of the memorial plaques we have carved and give us a call.

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  • Welsh Slate
  • Yorkstone
  • Black Granite
  • Heather Slate
  • Riven Slate
  • Portland Limestone
  • Bathstone
  • Red Granite
  • Blue Pearl Granite
  • Marble
  • Star Galaxy Granite
  • Purbeck Stone

Welsh Slate

As a fine grained metamorphic rock, 'Blue-Black' Welsh Slate is a highly sought after material distinctive for its durability and beautiful lustre. Quarried in the valleys of North Wales, the minerals Pyrite and Quartz are commonly present within the slate, creating a beautiful finish. At half a billion years old, Welsh slate is known around the world for its fine quality. Our premium quality Welsh Slate is a perfect material for both exterior and interior use, often complimenting various stone and brickwork hues with its distinctive 'Blue-Black' colour. Welsh Slate has the highest quality engraving for inscription & logo designs alike, looking attractive when painted or gilded.


  • Bespoke Shapes
  • Enamel & Gold Leaf
  • Engraved Border
  • Engraved Images
  • Rustic Edges
  • Other Finishing Types

Rustic Edges

Our stone masons can create and carve hand-pitched edges for your sign or plaque to create a rough, rustic look. This edging creates a natural border around the sign and makes for a more traditional finish. This option is available for all Slate and Portland signs.


  • Drilled Fixings
  • Faceless Fixings
  • Ground Posts

Drilled Fixings

Our standard drilled fixings are simple to use & we provide a helpful step by step guide to instruct you in the process. With your sign, you will receive a drilling template and a fixing pack with will include screws, raw plugs, and black screw caps. We also offer stone glue as an additional product which is available in our shop.


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