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Why are houses named? - April 23, 2015

House naming started with the landed gentry of the 17th century naming their manor houses and castles. The names selected would often be influenced by their ancestry, location of the property and family titles. Over time this started to seep into the general public and people began naming their properties.
In the UK most properties are not officially named, but are assigned a number. Numbering houses started in 1765 with an act of parliament. Generally houses are numbered by ascending odd numbers on the left hand side of the road as you leave town and even numbers on the right.
The growing popularity of houses being named has seen the variety of inspiration grow massively. From favourite animals, trees and locations to historical significance, people are using all manner of inspiration to pick out a name that they feel is unique to them and their home.

The UK’s most popular house names

In 2003 The Halifax conducted a survey on the UK’s most popular house names and the top 20 results were as follows:
The Cottage
Rose Cottage
The Bungalow
The Coach House
Orchard House
The Lodge
The Old School House
Ivy Cottage
The Willows
The Barn
The Old Rectory
The Croft
The Old Vicarage
Orchard Cottage
Yew Tree Cottage
The Laurels

How to change or name your house

If your house already has a number; adding a name is as easy as putting up a sign. If you only have a house name, the process is a little more complex. Firstly you will need to write to the highways or engineers service within your local council to suggest a name change or new name. You will not be able to change the number or swap the original number for a name.
Once agreed, the council will let the Royal Mail know of the change, but it may also be worth you following this up with an email to them directly and let your regular postman or postwoman know too.
Although it’s not always necessary, it’s wise to inform the land registry, council tax and utility service providers to ensure minimum disruption to you and the people that provide key services to you.
We would also suggest letting the emergency services know too, just in case.
If you are getting slate house signs made for the new name, we recommend having the number and name displayed, so that your house can be found easily by those who need too.

Our slate house signs

We have been hand crafting house signs with both names and numbers for many years now and our website now have a design feature allowing you to make up your own bespoke signs and see it created as you pick from a variety of options.
From the font you choose to the finish you can flick between options until you have the perfect combination for your new sign. You can start designing your new slate signs by going to our shop at . We have a great range to choose from and thousands of very happy customers.

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