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Salvation Army plaques - July 14, 2015

Stone Sign Company were recently asked to create two new stone plaques to accompany a new statue of Catherine Booth, known as ‘The Mother of The Salvation Army’. Her and her husband, William Booth, formed the charity in 1865 under its original name – ‘The East London Christian Mission’. It was later reorganized under a military structure where its current name was introduced. The statue and plaques were erected as part of the celebration of the 150th birthday of the charity, whose generosity has spread across 126 countries and has helped millions of people worldwide.





The plaques were crafted from the finest natural Welsh slate, and feature enamel lettering which was carried out by hand. These plaques were commissioned to complement the original statue which can be found at the Salvation Army headquarters in Denmark Hill, London. The new statue and plaque is located in Whitechapel, London which is the location of William Booth’s first open sermon which led to the formation of the charity. The unveiling of the two plaques and statue marks the weeklong celebration that took place in London.

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