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Corpus Christi signage - December 05, 2014

It's a privilege to be commissioned by an academic institution as prestigious as Corpus Christi, so you can imagine our sense of pride when we we were asked to design, craft & install not one sign, but three! Not to mention engraving & gilding a huge Welsh slate monolith which now sits proudly in the College grounds

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The signs & monolith will signify the opening of their new accomodation for undergraduates named 'The Lampl Building' in honour of Sir Peter Lampl (Corpus Christi College, Chemistry 1966). As Founder of The Sutton Trust, Sir Peter worked tirelessly to improve the capacity of young people from non-traditional backgrounds to gain admission to and complete their education at Oxford and other leading universities. In recognition of his selfless support to education he was knighted in 2003.

The monolith & three signs have been crafted from the finest qaulity Welsh slate, using sophisticated engraving techniques to ensure the both the lettering and detailed crests are beatifulkly detailed. The finishing touch - gilding in 23.5ct English gold leaf by our expert craftsmen.

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