Why our Portland Stone signs are so popular...


Sometimes, our customers like something a little different. Something timeless, with an edge of luxury...

Perhaps this is why so many of customers love our Portland Limestone stone signs. There are many reasons to invest in our premium quality Portland Limestone signs, here’s just a few pointers that will help you make that final decision.

Long Lasting Quality: Portland Limestone is known for its long lasting quality. Due to the formation of Portland Limestone, the stone is able to resist certain damaging effects caused by the weather, which in turn, makes it the perfect material for exterior signge and memorials.

Beauty: To put it simply, Portland Limestone is beautiful. Portland’s distinctive characteristics are unique to each piece, making this a perfect material for a commemorative plaque or house sign. Portland Limestone is a cream/ white coloured stone (although shades do vary), with light grey shell fragments - We use premium quality Jordans Basebed, the cleanest Portland Stone currently being quarried. This type of Portland Stone has a tight texture, perfect for stone masonry and carvings.

Timeless Luxury & Historical Relevance: For hundreds of years, Portland Stone has been used as a building stone for monuments and architecture. Portland Stone can be seen on major public buildings including the Buckingham Palace, The British Museum and St Paul’s Cathedral.

The use of Portland Stone largely began after the Great Fire of London. The outdated Medieval structures were fundamentally too dangerous after such devastation. Before the Great Fire, the use of Portland Stone was uncommon, this however changed after certain legislation came into force that aimed to avoid such destruction again. Portland Stone was the choice of material for the buildings of London. During the Georgian times, a new wave of classically styled buildings were commissioned, using both Portland Stone and Cornish Granite. Buildings such as the Bank of England and Somerset House were part of this commission. These classically styled buildings were inspired by the ‘Palladian’ architectural style. Based on the designs of the 16th century Italian architect Andrea Palladio, these designs were inspired by the buildings of ancient Rome.

Portland Stone has a real weight in the history of the British Isles, bearing influence on architecture from the past and of the contemporary. If you own a piece of Portland Stone, you also become a part of this history.

Versatile: Portland Stone is versatile in the most wonderful ways. After a timeless piece? Portland is perfect for you.

Looking for something a little more contemporary? No problem. With the right design - we can produce a unique sign that can truly bring your branding to life.

Good Value for Money: Why invest in a sign that will only last you a couple of years? Why not invest in a premium quality sign that you may never need to replace? We only use the highest quality Portland Limestone, so you can be assured that if you truly want quality, you are in the right place. Because of this guarantee of quality, you can be reassured in knowing that your sign is a real investment. We pride ourselves on this quality of material and craftsmanship

Unique: Portland Stone is truly unique. You will never have two pieces of stone that look exactly the same… and this is why Portland Stone is loved by so many! The varying patterns in the shell fragments can create some beautiful and interesting textures to the stone. Which of course, is real reminder that your sign is made from 100% natural stone.

Formed over thousands of years to get to your front door, made specifically for you.

We are particularly proud of this. All of our products are 100% natural stone and we never, ever, use lesser quality alternatives. Just simply…premium quality, 100% natural stone.


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