Whitchurch Primary School Brass Commemorative Plaque

At Stone Sign, we are experienced using a wide range of materials including metals and woods. For this plaque, we were commissioned to create a polished brass plaque on a hardwood mount, with the inscription and school emblem painted in black.

After the closure of the local school in Whitchurch; Cardiff, the new Whitchurch primary school was formed and as part of the opening ceremony they wanted a plaque to commemorate the occasion. It was opened by Real Madrid and Wales international forward; Gareth Bale, who had attended the local school that had closed as a boy.

Opening ceremonies such as this are great ways to get your company or institute talked about, especially if you have a local Balon D’or nominee available to cut the ribbon. They are a way to introduce yourself to the community and adds a bit of pageantry to make the opening a real occasion, that with a beautiful engraved plaque, will be remembered for years to come.

We have a long history of creating commemorative and opening plaques for these very events and are able to create a wide range of different styles of plaque to match the occasion, company, or building it is being used for.

If you would like to find out more about the opening ceremony for Whitchurch High School, you can read more details here:


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