The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Stone Boulder, Monolith or Standing Stone Sign.


Good news... you've come to the right place. Our staff are highly knowledgeable in sourcing, designing and organising the installation of boulders and monoliths... small and large!

Stone boulders and monoliths are the most striking way to showcase your business, commemorate an event or simply provide a stunning entrance to your property.

Bring a taste of the Welsh Mountains to your project with our beautiful, unique and one of a kind pieces... but act quick! Our stock doesn't hang around for long. If you like the look of a piece, we would advise placing a deposit on the desired stone. This will ensure you won't be disappointed at a later stage.


What is the difference between a stone Boulder or Monolith?

Although not dissimilar, there is a slight difference between a stone boulder and monolith. A stone boulder is usually rounder in shape, a rock fragment ranging from small pieces to massive sizes. Stone boulders look particularaly impressive with inset, stone plaques with a natural hewn face, sides and rear. Our stone boulders can come in Welsh Slate or Granite.

First things first. It’s important you have considered the following points in order for our stone specialists to give you an accurate price and estimated lead time.


(Welsh Slate Monolith - National Memorial Arboretum War Memorial) 

Design & Inscription:

Large pieces of stone are beautiful objects to work with for a designer. There are many varied and interesting ways to design a boulder when it comes to lettering, engraving styles and motifs. With an array of possible engraving and design options, we can always provide you with some examples of our previous work, as well as provide you with some interesting and different ideas that you may just love!

We request that you have an idea of what you will need engraved into the stone so we can provide you with an accurate price quotation and give you a little our input into the project. Not sure what you want engraved? No problem, we can always advise you as best we can during the early stages of your enquiry.


(Granite Bolder with Inset Welsh Slate Plaque - Kellogs)


What size did you have in mind? Good news...We can accommodate all sizes!  

We do have a few words of advise however... Firstly, large pieces of stone can be very heavy (this sounds obvious, but pictures and images can be misleading!). It’s important to understand exactly what you want and what to expect when you receive it.

Lastly… have an open mind. You may have been given specific sizes to work with, but chances are you won’t get exactly that. We will always try to work with the dimensions provided, but this is raw, unworked stone. The same goes for the shape of the stone. Each shape is naturally formed, and therefore may not fit your exact specifications. This isn’t a negative thing however! You’ll be surprised at how often projects begin with a certain design, and evolve to fit the perfect piece of stone. This is part of the exciting design process we go through to make sure you’ll be 100% satisfied with your project.



We can always try to source the perfect material for you. Our most beautiful stones often come in either Welsh Slate or Granite. If you’re after a beautiful, highly sought after material… we would recommend our premium quality Welsh Slate. Highly versatile and loved by our stonemasons, Welsh Slate provides our designers and stonemasons with a creative license to work with the material as they see fit. We love Welsh Slate.

We can also supply you with our Granite boulders. Lighter in colour, our Granite boulders look beautiful with an inset plaque, providing a contrast in textures and colours. Alternatively, we can polish the face of the boulder and engrave directly into the stone.


We’ve come up with some popular design options which may inspire you!

Smooth Faced Boulder or Monolith: This option is perfect for bringing out the richness in the stone’s natural hues and tones. This is particularly beautiful on our Welsh ‘Blue Black’ or ‘Heather’ Slate. A little like polishing, we call this technique ‘fine rubbing’. This option is perfect if you’d like us to engrave directly onto the face of the stone - you’ll love the high quality engraving and finish.  A perfect choice for detailed logos, small lettering and high quality engraving. Fine rubbing the stone’s face is a great option for signage and commemorative stones.


Natural / Riven Face Boulder or Monolith:  A perfect option if you like the raw, organic appearance of the stone… leaving the face of the stone natural (or riven) keeps intact the essence of the Welsh mountains and landscape. How about insetting a stone plaque into the stone in order to achieve a beautiful and striking contrast in textures?  


Stone Plaque set into Stone Boulder or Monolith: Setting a stone plaque into your boulder or monolith can be a perfect way to incorporate the traditional commemorative plaque into something permanent, striking and timeless. This also allows you to have contrasting textures, and detail - perfect if you want natural and polished stone!

(Welsh Slate Boulder with Inset Marine Grade Stainless Steel Letters - Pro Align)

Did you know...?

We can also deliver and install and size boulder or monolith.


There are a few important factors to consider upon purchasing a large stone boulder or monolith. As few questions you should consider:

Where will your boulder or monolith be installed? Our sales team will always ask for an image and details as to where the stone will be fixed. Will the stone be fixed onto soft ground or a concrete surface?

Will the stone be installed on private or public land? This is essential information for our advisors. We strongly advise researching this prior to asking for an installation quote.

Is there any essential or important information you should provide us? By providing us with as much detailed information, we can give you an accurate price quotation.

We hope this gave you an insight into the wonderful world of stone boulders and monolith signs. Our skilled craftsmen love designing and crafting these unique pieces and would be delighted to help you create yours. If you have any questions, please give our team a call on 029 2067 2823 or drop us an email at 


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