Natural Stone for Sale!

Are you looking for a bespoke plaque, high quality stone signage, or a unique boulder? We are the company for you! Premium quality natural stone sourced from the best quarries around the world. With quality assured materials, you will never be disappointed in our products. As an established company and with seven generations worth of experience, we have the right contacts to source the highest quality stone for your needs.

To help you out, we've come up with a few questions that will help guide you. Natural stone... or synthetic materials?


Why Natural Stone? 

Natural stone showcases properties and businesses in the most beautiful and unique way. We often resort to synthetic, man made alternatives in the 21st Century, opting for temporary and cheap options. This is a temporary option. Natural stone is the best quality, long lasting material you can find.

To put it simply...natural stone is an investment. An investment that will withstand the elements and the test of time. 

A bold statement, we know! You can't compare it to any man made material. 


Isn't Natural Stone Expensive?

Natrual stone signage may be more affordable than you think. The cost of a natural stone sign will last you years upon years. Hence why we still see beautiful, classic plaques from hundreds of years ago, inset into historic, listed buildings! Aluminium composite, acrylic or vinyl signage may be a temporary fix... but it's no match to natural stone. With the highest quality, deep engraving, buying a natural stone sign is an investment worth considering.

Don't be drawn in by questionably cheap alternatives, invest in a sign worth being proud of!



I'm looking for a specific natural stone material. Can I choose a specific material for my sign?

Of course we can! You name a material, we can advise if this can be done. Alternativley, we can suggest a beautiful material that will showcase the quality of our materials. Our team are natural stone enthusiasts and have a wealth of knowledge...stone related! 

Have a question? We enjoy answering any questions stone related!


Make sure to give our experienced design team a call on 029 2067 2823 or email if you have any questions. 



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