Italian marble commemorative plaque for the Italian Consulate

Stone Sign Co were recently honoured to be chosen to supply and carve an Italian White Marble commemorative plaque for the Italian Consulate in London.

Made from Carrara marble, quarried in northern Tuscany since the time of Ancient Rome, it was the perfect material for creating a commemorative plaque for the Italian consulate. Carrara marble has been used in some of the most famous buildings of ancient Rome like The Pantheon and Trajan’s Column lasting since 128AD & 113BC respectively and has continued to be an influential material in sculpture and monument making around the world.

It is an important material for sculptors because it is incredibly hard and has a very dense grain allowing it to be carved in detail and to be polished to a beautiful shine, you can see this in Michelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece Pietá or the George Washington statue in The National Museum of American History; Washington D.C. You don’t even have to travel far to see this material, you can also find it in some of the U.K.’s greatest structures like the Marble Arch in London or King Edward VII memorial in Birmingham.

The qualities of Carrara Marble make it ideal for making engraved plaques, and allows the use of detailed font types. For this plaque, we used a Courier font which gives a typewriter style effect to the plaque and was inlayed with black enamel to create contrast. The plaque was then hand finished, polished, and given our popular faceless fixings for when it was ready to be fitted.

The plaque was unveiled by the Italian Prime Minister, Hon. Enrico Letta, photographed here with the acting Consul General of Italy in London, Sarah Eti Castellani & His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy in the UK, Pasquale Q. Terracciano.


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