hand painted welsh slate sign


Choosing the perfect font to match the style of your home can feel a little daunting, especially if you lack a creative eye, that’s why we want to make it as smooth sailing as possible when picking the right font for your house sign.


We understand how a house sign can really add to the character of your home so the first question you need ask yourself is:


Will the font match the style of your home?  For Example, if you live in a Victorian Style house then a Serif font (Serif fonts use little lines at the end of each letter) like Trajan or Times New Roman may be more suited to the style of the house as these would be seen as a ‘classic’ style of font. If you live in a modern build, then you may want to go for a Sans Serif (do not use lines at the end of letters) font like Arial or Gill as these have a more contemporary feel to them.



Is it readable? Take into consideration the size of your house sign when choosing your font, if you feel a smaller sign best suits your home, pick a font that will be easily readable, Serif fonts tend to be more readable at a smaller size. When assessing the readability, you should also keep in mind the font colour, Leading us on to the third question…



Is it the right colour? Make sure you pick a font colour that works with the features of your home, as well as the material it is painted on. Contrast: Materials which are naturally darker in colour such as Slate can complement a wider colour palette, materials with a naturally brighter base colour need a little more consideration. Safe Colour matches are White/ Light Grey on darker materials, Black/Grey/Navy Blue on light materials and Gold is easily readable on most materials. For easy readability pick a font colour that isn’t too similar to the material that you choose for your house sign.



Final Note: The importance of a sign is to highlight information, so font clarity is a must.  While the fancy fonts may look great, they do sacrifice some clarity and require extra attention. For most signs, make an emphasis on simplicity and keep it clean and simple.


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