Our Materials

Every one of our signs and monuments is carved from a range of natural stone or slate. We source the finest materials from traditional quarries and mines. Mined in Snowdonia, our Cambrian and Ordovician slates are recognised across the globe as the most dense and durable types of this beautiful material. Or choose from our range of natural stone, each with its special colours, characteristics and properties. From limestone, including Portland and Bathstone, through to Sandstone, Granite and Marble.


Welsh Slate
Cambrian and Ordovician

Since our very first day we have only used the finest Welsh slate. It’s one of our favourite materials – durable and dense, it allows us to craft the most intricate of lettering and designs, each carved by hand.

At half a billion years old, they’re the oldest and hardest types of slate found in Wales and are known around the world for their fine quality. We only use these types of slate, sourced directly from the quarries in Llangollen, Ffestiniog and Bethesda in North Wales. Their colour is incredibly rich with deep blue, grey and purple tones – every piece is unique.

  • Welsh Slate
  • Heather Slate
  • Riven Slate

Welsh Slate

As a fine grained metamorphic rock, 'Blue-Black' Welsh Slate is a highly sought after material distinctive for its durability and beautiful lustre. Quarried in the valleys of North Wales, the minerals Pyrite and Quartz are commonly present within the slate, creating a beautiful finish. At half a billion years old, Welsh slate is known around the world for its fine quality. Our premium quality Welsh Slate is a perfect material for both exterior and interior use, often complimenting various stone and brickwork hues with its distinctive 'Blue-Black' colour. Welsh Slate has the highest quality engraving for inscription & logo designs alike, looking attractive when painted or gilded.

Natural Stone

For a sign that sits sympathetically with your surroundings, you can choose from our range of natural stones. You can be sure you are getting our exceptional quality at every stage.

  • Yorkstone
  • Black Granite
  • Portland Limestone
  • Bathstone
  • Red Granite
  • Blue Pearl Granite
  • Marble
  • Star Galaxy Granite
  • Purbeck Stone

Portland Limestone

Quarried in Dorset, England, Portland Limestone's distinctive finish is a popular option for external locations and a great option for exterior signage. Distinctive for its high fossilised content, Portland Stone often shows visible examples of fossilised shellfish and quartz crystals, deriving from the Jurassic period. As one of our most popular stone choices, Portland Limestone is often sought after by property owners with classic and listed buildings due to Portland's timeless quality and appearance.

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